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  1. Do you grow your own grapes?

    No. While we may plant grapes in the future, we believe in focusing on the area we are strong in and, for us, that is winemaking and wine education.  (We actually kinda suck at growing stuff.) Co-owner and winemaker Willem Johnson operates as a negociant winemaker by purchasing grapes from other vineyards and processing them to sell them under our label. This practice first began in the French region of Burgundy. This allows a winemaker to choose the very best fruit and enter the market with less investment.  A well-known American negociant, Dave Phinney, founder/winemaker of Orin Swift (known for Prisoner, Mannequin, Mercury Head, etc.), shares our philosophy: “find the best fruit from the best vineyards and don’t screw it up”. 

  2. What style are your wines?

    Our winemaker Willem Johnson’s induction into winemaking was in France and, as a sommelier for many years, he also became an Italian wine expert.  He has a passion for Mediterranean varietals, and his winemaking style could be considered “Old World”.  He prefers to let the fruit do the talking by aging our wines in neutral wood.  The majority of wines he produces are bone dry with no residual sugar, although has won numerous awards for his ports and dessert wines. The ultimate goal is to produce balanced wines that pair well with food and are equally suited for sipping. Additionally, you can be assured that the flavor of our wines is not manipulated with chemicals, dyes or additives such as oak powder and sugar. We strive for each wine to taste “varietally correct”, and we’d rather wait for them to age naturally than rush it with the fake stuff. See our dry Whites.  See our dry Reds.  

  3. Do you sell sweet wines?

    Yes. Since we opened in October of 2020, we missed our window to make our dessert wines last season and our port is still aging in barrels. In the meantime, Willem put together a list of his favorite sparkling and sweet offerings from the two plus decades he spent as a sommelier and wine buyer.  See our Sweet & Sparkling wines.

  4. Are all of your wines made from Texas grapes?

    As a negociant winemaker, we can source our grapes from anywhere in the country and have them shipped to our facility for processing; however, we prefer to support Texas growers as much as possible. Additionally, the Mediterranean varietals that thrive in Texas are a perfect fit for Willem’s old world winemaking style. With that said, there are occasions where we are either unable to source the fruit we need from Texas, or we can’t pass up an offer for some exquisite fruit from Willem’s West Coast contacts. In these cases, we buy grapes—not juice or finished wine—and process them in-house from sorting to pressing to fermenting to aging to finishing.  Our labels include information on where the fruit came from, and we are happy to discuss this in more detail when you visit.

  5. Do you serve food? 
    Yes, we currently serve light fare and will continue to expand our menu in the coming months.  We also host pop-up pairing dinners at least once per month. See our food menu.

  6. Do you allow outside food and drink?
    Currently, no outside food and drink is allowed, but we do offer light fare.  See our food menu.

  7. Are children allowed?

    Yes, children are allowed, as long as their parents supervise them, and they are not disruptive to other guests. The Red River Valley is known for its population of copperheads and rattlesnakes, so make sure that children stay nearby in public areas and do not wander into the wooded area. Young adults under 21 may not consume alcohol.

  8. Are dogs allowed?

    Dogs are allowed on the patio and outside tables as long as they are not disruptive to other guests. Owners must keep the dog on a leash and take care of scooping their own pets’ poop like in other public places.   Dogs are not allowed in the tasting room or on any of the seating.  Please call if you have any questions.

  9. Do you have handicapped parking?

    Yes. Guests who are in wheelchairs or are not confident walking up the cobblestone path can park on the east side of the building (with the big glass garage door) and follow the sidewalk around the north side of the building.  There are designated spots for handicapped parking. Please call us at (940) 202-9011 if you have any questions about where to park or need to request special accommodations.

  10. Is there a tour?

    There will be scheduled tours and educational events in the near future.

  11. Is there a wine club?

    Yes. Our wine club The Underground at Deschain offers wine education, private parties, pop-up dinners and special events. You choose exactly the wines you want each time and receive priority access to limited release, Library, and curated Underground favorites. Membership includes discounts on wine, food and merchandise of up to 20%. Learn more about the wine club.

  12. Can the winery be used for private events?

    Yes. Between our tasting room, deck, patio, outdoor areas and production warehouse, we have many options for hosting private and special events.  Please contact us at  (940) 202-9011 or fill out our contact form for more information.

  13. Is there live music?

    Yes.  We love live music and will be scheduling events across a variety of genres from Jazz to Rock to Country and everything in between.  We will host solo artists on the patio and larger bands on the stage. Please check our events calendar regularly, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter to see who’s playing. Visit events calendar.

  14. Do guests need reservations?

    Walk-ins are always welcome.  If you'd like for us to prepare tables for groups of 6 or more or you'd like to request special seating in a certain area, please fill out our reservation form so we can reserve and set up tables for you. Make a reservation.

  15. Where are the restrooms?

    We have one ADA bathroom that is to the left of the North entrance door.  If you walk around the sidewalk to the east, there is another door that opens to a public bathroom with four fully enclosed restrooms.

  16. Is there meat in the chocolate “sausage”?

    There is actually no meat in our chocolate “sausage”, hence the quotes around the word sausage.  This confectionary delight is made from chocolate ganache, dried fruit and nuts and rolled to look like a sausage.

  17. Is there anything else to do and places to spend the night near the winery?

    Yes. The North Texas Hill Country is growing quickly! There are many other wineries, breweries, B&Bs and attractions to visit while you’re in town. You can see many of them marked on our interactive map of US-82 spanning from Nocona to Sherman, TX.  See map.

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